A tri-national network diagnosing and improving quality of life of patients with rare diseases

RARENET is a French-German-Swiss cross-border cooperative project. His first objective is to improve the management and health of patients with complex rare diseases. Bringing together reference centres for rare diseases, universities, research centres, and patient support groups, RARENET offers a platform for the education and interaction by directly linking clinical treatment to the needs of patients. It provides resources such as patient information sheets, seminars, and training sessions for a greater level of information for health professionals and the general public.
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Oro-dental rare diseases and rare autoimmune diseases

In Europe a disease is defined as rare when it affects fewer than 1 in 2,000 people, however in total several million people are affected by rare diseases. The RARENET network brings together researchers, heath professionals, and patient support groups. Together RARENET concentrates on two types of diseases: rare diseases causing oro-dental anomalies (alterations in the number, shape, size, structure, eruption, and/or resorption of teeth) and auto-immune diseases including lupus (frequently affecting young women) or vasculitis, an inflammation of blood vessel walls.
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Recent news

13 12, 2017

Symposium on enamel Anomalies: The photo Gallery

On the 8th of December, more than 80 people participated to the symposium on enamel anomalies organized by RARENET and O-Rares at the Dental Faculty of the University of Strasbourg. The main goal of that symposium was to inform practitioners on advances in research and care of patients in [...]

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