RARENET Project improvements

The event “Let’s draw the future!” dedicated to the improvements of the project RARENET, took place at Strasbourg University Faculty of Dental Surgery, July 5th and 6th, 2018. It was divided into three main times:

  • A first symposium dedicated to neural crests, which was organised in partnership with research group Crest Net. This net concentrates on neural crests studies. Conferences, poster exhibitions, and scientific discussions were on this symposium agenda.
  • A second symposium concentrated on the Lupus Biobank projects. It took place July 6th. On this occasion, French, German, and Austrian researchers dedicated their time to these projects presentations.
  • Finally, July 5th evenings was devoted to a playful presentation of RARENET improvements. Project partners, symposium participants, but also members of Strasbourg University, of the INTERREG programme, of the Eurometropolis, as well as various practitioners, enriched this event with their attendance and active participation.

Note that, the illustrators Violaine Leroy and Nicolas Bottereau have, through drawing battles, greatly animated the last part of this RARENET event.


IMG_3583 IMG_3639 IMG_3632 IMG_3618 IMG_3609 IMG_3599 IMG_3594 IMG_3591Scientifique_allemand_NikolMigrationvirus_NikolSourire_NikolBankbio_NikolLepiege_NikolJournée_Maladies_Rares_NikolHello_NikolEuropapark_NikolDeviner_NikolDefense_immu_Nikol

photo credits:

Valentine Labouheure

Drawing credits:

Violaine Leroy

Nicolas Bottereau